AMA Creatives provides personalized and performance-driven
eLearning solutions focused on giving your business the
learning lead.

Bespoke eLearning

Designed and built with care.

Our custom eLearning service creates memorable, interactive and engaging experiences for your learners. We carefully craft relevant and relatable eLearning contents personalized for effectiveness and performance.

Course conversion

We help you take advantage of the increasing availability of smart devices. With responsive, instructional and interactive design expertise, we give you performance in motion as your learners can access company training materials regardless of platform or device.

Web Development

Designed and built with care.

Our expert web designers and developers can create interactive and well-integrated web applications to solve your company’s everyday business challenge of this digital age.

Creative LMS

Efficiently manage your online learning delivery with learning management systems. Our blend of industry experience and creativity can help you achieve this goal. We help you ensure seamless administration, documentation, tracking, assessment, reporting and delivery of your training programs.