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Why It Is Important To Adopt eLearning In Your Organization

Why It Is Important To Adopt eLearning In Your Organization

Keeping employees continuously motivated and effective is a major challenge faced by most organizations. Our society has transcended to a digital culture. The way we communicate, receive and disseminate information has been hugely impacted with this cultural shift.

The word ‘boring’ stays at the tip of the tongue and is unapologetically used to describe anything that is visually and emotionally unappealing. With the proliferation of smart devices over the years, an organization that is determined to build an intelligent workforce cannot continue alone with traditional training methods.

If according to some, “the economy resource more precious than time is the human attention”, learning innovation is therefore a key requirement to engage learners for optimal workplace productivity.

eLearning is the innovative solution that can be adopted to meet your learning objectives in a creative fashion for this digital age. eLearning offers intellectually compelling courses that supports continuous engagement and retention.

Let’s get into more details of some of the importance of eLearning in your organization.

1. unique and engaging contents

eLearning uses a learner centered approach to enrich your employees’ learning experience. Courses are designed with engaging mix of visuals, stories, games, role-plays and scenarios to create custom contents that are relatable and memorable.

2. performance and productivity

A major setback of traditional or classroom training is that it is time-consuming and consequently takes away from valuable time needed to do other work. eLearning eliminates the time spent to set up classroom, prepare materials and travel for a training programme. When learners study at their own pace and time, it creates space for ongoing performance and productivity is enhanced.

3. millennial workforce

The rise of millennials in the workforce is here already. Predictions are that millennials will overtake the majority representation of the workforce by 2030. eLearning brothers highlighted this fact “Eight seconds: That’s the time you have to grab an employee’s attention. Five minutes: That’s how long you can hold it”. Millennials are known as the tech savvy generation accustomed to being connected anywhere and anytime. With eLearning tools at the heart of your learning and development initiatives, you will be able to grab and hold their attention.

Your organization’s ability to grow and compete in this on-demand era largely depends on its ability to exploit the awesome benefits of eLearning today.

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