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“Attitude! Attitude!! Attitude!!!”

Victoria shouts at Debola. It is obvious something went wrong at the board meeting and she wasn’t happy about it. Debola bows his head and keeps mute- it dawned on him how unprofessional he reacted in front of the clients back at the meeting.

“I have told you countless times not to talk except it was required of you to.”

“I am sorry Victoria.”

“Don’t sorry me, you must fix the problem you have created. and you have just one week to come up with a solution.”

“We both know that is not possible with this project, Victoria…”

“Then you should have allowed me defend the new update in the board room. I have always told you never to think high of yourself in front of clients. you never listen, your attitude has cost us some cutbacks just right now.”

Victoria sinks into her chair while Debola paces about clueless of what to do.

“Do not worry, I will fix this mess.”

“No, fix your proud and over confident attitude or else you will get a bad report from me come end of the quarter. Your attitude is costing us a lot. That is why I get complains from everyone. You are brilliant, yes, but you are also proud regardless- and you think that is a good vibe?

Debola leaves Victoria’s office aware of his problem. Apparently, being a brilliant staffer isn’t everything, a good attitude comes handy also.

It is time to check it!

Hello reader, it’s so nice to have you back.

A popular quote reads, “treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Apparently, I am sure we are familiar with that wise saying. Particularly at work places, mutual regard for each other is key; and has been said to create emotional stability and linked to high work relationship success rate. It is not a secret any longer that it helps everyone work smoothly and have positive vibes towards achieving set goals.

Thus, having a positive attitude towards work is so important, but it is generally difficult to us to inculcate this attitude as we get busier in our hectic schedule of our lives. Especially when you are at a managerial level and work attitude from your department and colleagues seem the same or discouraging often.

More importantly, work ethics and interpersonal relationship/attitude are synonymous and should be taken seriously for a department or company to work with a singular focus. This topic is paramount for all levels in an organisation.

Besides that, one other thing is, you need to also speak up if you experience problems in your job life so that an effective solution can be applied.

Be that as it may, here are some simple tips to have a positive attitude towards work.

Treat your colleagues with respect

 Respect all at work. It is very important you respect all. They will value you and be friends at work as good colleagues. Treating colleagues at work rightly is thus so very important. Learn from Debola’s story in the opening scenario.

Identify your negative actions

 You might not even realize what your actions are. Beware of negative thoughts, that leads to these actions. Even if you can’t change negative thoughts at least you can be aware of these emotions and think whether you are justified. Constantly focus on positive things that can help you to behave more positively in everyday situations.

Work on your stress level

Work on your stress level by practicing out aerobics and other related stress relieving activities to help you feel refreshed and motivated to work another Monday with a fresh mind. You might not even realize that you are thinking negatively. Start to be aware, by your actions, deeds and words. Think about what would happen if you would think in a more positive way. Even if you can’t change every single negative emotion, you can try to remove every aspect of it from your job life. Remember that negative work can do ample harm to work and working environment, thus it’s very important to be positive in work.

Have proper employee/employer engagement

Today the human resources team are working towards ensuring that employee communications are good enough such that there is enough employee engagement which helps them to be involved in their job profile with the company and feel motivated.

Sleep well

Taking enough rest and sleeping 8 hours is a must- not at a stretch but in all, have it. Your brain and eyes need rest from this stressful life. You need to take rest to keep yourself and your mind active to manage the daily chores of your job life.

Action Point

After all, no one wants to be the side liner in an office. So,if you follow these few tips and try to practice them, be certain that your attitudes will be sailed well. Basic truth is, no one associates with a colleague with bad attitude. No one wants to be bullied or made fun at. It diminishes creativity and learning ability at work.

Therefore, be wise. Learn a positive attitude if you want the best out of others.

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Reference: educba.com

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