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Jide is an amazing cook who always wanted to own his own restaurant. He said he wants to be like his late mother who loved to cook and take good care of the family. After sharing his ideas and showing his passion to his girlfriend, Ayobami, there were signs he lacked the nitty-grity of owing a business.

A certain day she sat him down and asked Jide a few questions about what a business entails. Honestly, Jide had no clue. How?

“I simply want to cook”, Jide fumed.

“But cooking is just the service you desire to render. what about owning a space, having to register your business, or putting up an advert for cooks and waiters who will serve your menu to your customers?”

Ayobami explained further. “You will need more than just chef skills for this business of yours to become reality my love. We need a business plan!”

Hello reader,

Just like Jide, you might be at that cross road of what to do and what not to do. You might not even know the next best step to take to legally own and run a business.

Worry no more.

Here are useful tips for all start-ups and entrepreneurs who are finding it hard to have a concrete business plan. If you follow these simplified tips, and make sure you do your best to adhere where necessary, I believe that your business will grow accordingly.

You are on your way up to a successful business life.

At Ama Creatives, we serve you with knowledge like never before. Our e-learning templates are second to none and we just want you to have that knowledge you require without any form of vagueness.

Now, create your business plan following this plan.

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